Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Highly demanded by various industrial and commercial places, our range of UltrasonicCleaners is supplied throughout the world. These cleaners work on ultrasonic vibrations, as, these vibrations act as elastic waves at high frequency, propagated, in gaseous, liquid or solid medium. The range of ultrasonic waves is above audible frequency 20 KHz.


The following care should be taken to generators intended for an ultrasonic cleaning :


  • The frequency should be stable and smoothly controllable over certain range

  • The output should be controllable over a certain range.

  • The generator output voltage curve should not contain higher harmonics.

  • The generator should be small, cheap, reliable and easy to operate.


Cleaning by an ultrasonic promotes extremely high degree of soil removal at very fast rate compared to other conventional method of cleaning, can penetrate into the most intricate and inaccessible areas where other methods of cleaning fail. An ultrasonic cleaning used for cleaning any product from


  • Large Machine Castings, Gears Engine Blocks To

  • Most Delicate Mechanism or Components Like Watch Parts, Jewellery, Lenses, Etc.

  • It Is Equally Efficient For Cleaning Of Metals, Glass, And Ceramics.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Our range of Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipments works on piezo electricity and so the crystals being used are called as piezoelectric crystal. Mainly ceramics (lead zirconate) crystals are used in ultrasonic cleaners. It is composed of barium, lead, titanium and zirconium. As crystals become thinner its capacitance rises and its impedance falls.

The two crystals are sandwich between aluminium block and mild steel block along with brass shims at the maximum torque of 150 PSI. The brass shims are use to apply the output signal from the generator across the crystal. Their arrangement is such that aluminium block and mild steel are fixed with a mild steel bolt and with the result of this both the crystals will get opposite polarity of excitation at a particular instant of time. Because of this one crystal will expand while the other will contract and for the other half cycle the first will contract and the second will expand. In this fashion expansion of one crystal is compensated by the contraction of the other crystal. The crystal is lead zincronate titanate (PZT- 4). It is a ceramic crystal that exhibits the piezoelectric property. Following are the features of the crystals:

  • Comparatively cheaper.
  • Its impedance is 150-ohm/sq. cm.
  • It can be easily machined to desired shape.
  • Its curie temperature is well above 300deg./cm.

Multistage Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Vibronics Made Wide variety of Automatic/ Manual Multistage Ultrasonic Cleaning systems are ideal for degreasing, derusting, descaling, decarbonising and other cleaning requirements of automobile engineering, electrical and electronics and textile industries.
It primarily consist of Below stages but as per the cleaning requirement it may varies.
  • Loading
  • Pre Rinse
  • Ultrasonic I
  • Ultrasonic II
  • Post Rinse
  • Vapor cleaning / dying
  • UnLoading
The system exhibit following features like continuous filtration, recirculation, automatic distillation, water separation, Oil Skimming and automatic / semi-automatic material transfer system using Latest Process Control Technology as PLC, SCADA, HMI etc.. Fume extractions and chilling plant facilities are optional.

Technical Specification :
  • Frequency: 20 KHz to 45 KHz
  • Tank Capacity: 3 ltr. onwards
  • Liquid flow: 2 ltr. to 20 ltr. per min.
  • Ultrasonic power: 600Watt onwards
  • Cleaning Cycle Time: Unspecified(Depending on the contamination)
  • Transducers: Piezo electric-sandwich mode
  • Cleaning technique: Ultrasonic and/or jet spray
  • Mounting: Epoxy bonded/wielded/immersible module
  • Tank Material: Stainless steel/mild steel rubber. Lined fiber glass reinforced.

Single Or Multistage Vapour Degreaser

We also offer our clients with Single Or Multistage Vapour Degreaser. These are fully integrated with vapour degreaser to form as the efficient degreasing systems. They are rugged, built-in stainless steel with efficient condensation and water separation facility. All models of this series incorporate boiling sump for generation of vapours and removal of soil, grease, wax and other solvent soluble soils from intricate cavities. Vapour degreaser can be alternatively used as solvent recovery plant with correct selection of heat loads and valves.


The prime features of the multistage vapour degreaser are as follows :


  • Heat insulation
  • Digital controllers
  • Low/high level central with alarm
  • Dust and vermin proof control panel
  • Vigorous vapours generation chambers
  • Effective condensation and water separation

Ultrasonic Power Generator

Mosfet protected designed for continuous industrial use, housed separately with exhaust fan, panel, temperature indicators, digital ampere meter, power level 25,50,100% depending on component.

Ultrasonic Transducer

Vibronics make latest technology, efficient & powerful transducer assemblies, transducer boxes & efficient & powerful transducer assemblies.

PZT sandwitch type transducer assemblies encased in boxes made of SS 316L, 3mm thk material and stud welded and bonded with well bond technique will ibe provided. it will be 100% leak proof. In high valume ultrasonic bath, transducer boxes have distinction advantage over bonding of transducers on base of tank.



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