Ultrasonic Processors

Ultrasonic Processors

Our Ultrasonic Processors are vivid and multidimensional instruments meant to cover a variety of samples such as aerated liquids, biological specimens, dyes etc. The equipment is basically used for research and small volume production. Some of its applications include:


  • Deaeration

  • Cell disruption

  • Enzyme extraction


Product description

It comprises of an electronic generator that generate 120 to 250 watts of average electrical energy. The transformer or velocity horn amplifies the small vibrations. It is attached to a pair of lead Zirconate titanate transducer elements. The 2 models available with us are:

  • Model VPL-P1 of power 120 watts & dia ½"
  • Model VPL-P2 of power 250 watts & dia 1"


Ultrasonic Processor also serves several medical cures and problems like:


  • Hair loss

  • Acidity/Gas

  • Indigestion

  • Cleaning of blood

  • Blood sugar/Diabetes

  • Pimples, skin irritation, itching

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